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Product code : DOLL H

Type of Packages :

Price : AED510.00 AED 400.00



100% Brand new with high quality, safe and environmental friendly;

Material: Wood, Cloth, Plastic, Paper, Fabric, harmless to your family;

Package Size:10.63*6.69*10.24(Inch) Product Size:12.60*9.45*8.07(Inch);

Package: DIY dolls house and furniture, English Detailed Manual, LED lights, Music Box;

Attention: Dust cover, button cells and glue are not included.

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Imported from UK main Feature:

1. It's an unfinished model that need to be assembled by yourself;
2. It will be an ideal gift for friends, schoolmates or anyone you care about;
3. The finished DIY dolls house is also an amazing decoration.wherever you put on a TV set or table, it will be attractive.
4. The glue and batteries need to prepare by yourself because they are not permitted to be shipped by Air.
5.Assembly Time:4-6 days for one who has no experience in;
Package Content:
1) 1 DIY house and furniture
2)Detailed English Manual
3) LED lights and Music box 

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