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Drawing Trolley/ Drawing Hanger

Hanger A0

Product code : A0

Brand : VistaPlan

Type of Packages :

Price : AED103.00 AED 93.00


  • The Vistaplan mobile trolley can take up to 20 hangers and is available for both A0 and A1 plan hangers, The Hanger is specifically designed to provide a simple and effective system of filing large numbers of plans, drawings, maps, posters and other large sheets.

    • Ideal for use in the office or for project reference on site.
    • Hangers have a capacity of up to 100 sheets, depending on paper weight and type of storage unit used.
    • For reference purposes, individual sheets can be flipped through like the pages of a book, without the need to open the hanger.
    • Hangers can accommodate mixed sizes of sheets - plane strips are not required.
    • The strong lightweight aluminium hanger is finished in an attractive powder coated textured grey.

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