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Floortex Anti-fatigue Antimicrobial Dynamic Footrest 7"x16" Black

Product code : FCDA0716BK


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Price : AED371.25


Sit without being sedentary! Conscious and subconscious foot and leg movements increase your blood circulation when sitting, which may also increase your metabolic rate. Raising your feet off the ground alleviates pressure on your lower back and encourages better posture A design based on research into the bene ts of dgeting, this active footrest is designed to be dif cult! It massages, rolls and wobbles underfoot, which means you have to keep it under control. This activity helps you make the most out of sitting at work and leisure, and when not being moved, it can be used to elevate feet and rest the legs. 16.5"x 7"(42 x 18cm)Frequently changing your standing position and flexing or stretching your feet and legs improves blood circulation. Regular movement reduces fatigue, aches and pains that you may associate with standing for long periods. A new & DYNAMIC way to minimize the negative effects of excess sitting through exercising and energizing your lower limbs! Subconscious control of the Dynamic will result in consistent adjustment of leg and feet positioning which creates activity in the hips as well as the muscles and joints below the waist. The AFS-TEX Dynamic offers an ergonomic solution for generating lower body activity and well-being while sitting for prolonged periods. The Dynamic facilitates movement of the feet and legs under your desk area to increase the metabolism and get the blood pumping. The non-linear ergonomic design facilitates both vertical and horizontal movement of the Dynamic while in use. Designed for instability to get your body working!