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Floortex Anti-fatigue & Antimicrobial Active standing Mat 50x80cm Rectangular Black

Product code : FCA22032GY


Type of Packages :

Price : AED430.83


Padded comfort with extra support. Visual cues printed on the mat surface act as a reminder to move regularly to further reduce fatigue. Range of sizes and colors. Suitable for use in the workshop, of ce, retail and home. 20"x 32" ( 50 x 80cm ) Compact anti-fatigue mat, perfect for smaller work spaces. Features raised foot massage pods and a recessed area for leg stretching. Recommended for users under 5’6”, young people Recommended for users under 5’6”, young people and children. increase metabolism and improve blood circulation for superior fatigue relief. Active Anti-Fatigue Mats are ergonomically designed to encourage micro-movements.Recommended for use in kitchens, workshops, offices and home unique built-in anti-microbial ingredient which will not wash off or wear away curl-proof bevelled edges, an anti-slip base for safety mats help you stand comfortably, for longer.