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Power Strip / Batteries


Product code : 300097

Brand : Energizer

Type of Packages :

Price : AED11.55


Product Details

● Energizer AA Max Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 2, 1.5V) were specially developed to provide long-lasting performance for your devices
● They can also be used in wireless devices like optical mouse, bluetooth headset, laser pointers, blood sugar and glucose monitors
● This battery can replace 4001, 810, 910A, AM5, LR1, MN9100, UM-5
● This battery will operate under temperatures of -40°C to 60°C
● They have a shelf life of 7 years

Key Features & Benefits

● Long shelf life
● Can be used in a broad range of devices
● It can be disposed off with normal household trash
● PowerSeal technology for leakage protection for up to 2 years

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