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Fire Resistant Safe

Eagle Fire Resistant Safe YESM-031DK (Colour Options: Black, Blue)

Product code : EGLYESM031DK

Brand : Eagle

Type of Packages :

Price : AED1,165.00

Color :


Size :


Fire-resistant safes perfect for home and/or business use that offer superior fire protection for your valuables and important documents. Features ● High security, fire-resistant safes with attractive and compact design ● 1 hour fire protection certified by UL Class 350 1 hr, SP NT-Fire 60P, KS 1 hour ● Two hefty 16 (5/8") solid chrome plated locking bolts ● One stationary locking bolt on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges ● Convenient plastic tray + Adjustable shelf for model 031D Dimensions • Outside Dim : 520(H)x410(W)x445(D)mm • Inside Dim : 415(H)x305(W)x320(D)mm • Weight : 57 Kgs • Tray/Shelf : 1 Tray & 1 Shelf • Colour : BLACK • Locking : Digital + Keylock • Origin : Korea

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