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Labeling Machine


Product code : 400116

Type of Packages :

Price : AED1,259.00


The QL-720NW offers your workgroup the convenient flexibility of being able to print via either wired or wireless networking.

This versatile machine will print up to 93 labels a minute at up to 600dpi, and comes complete with all the software needed to quickly and simply integrate it with your current networks and business systems.


● Print die-cut labels and signage via PC
● Wireless and wired network ready + print from your Android or Apple mobile device with the free iPrint&Label app
● Up to 62mm print width (DK labels) and 59mm print height
● Prints up to 93 standard address labels per min / 150mm per second
● Up to 300dpi print resolution
● Built-in automatic tape cutter

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