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Atlas Laminator R6 Atlas AS-LM2-P36F6

Product code : AS-LM2-P36F6

Brand : ATLAS

Type of Packages :

Price : AED2,750.00

Color :


Size :


ATLAS Laminating Machine A3 6R 240V. High performance professional class A3 pouch laminator with maximum lamination capacity up to 350micron. The 6 rollers internal heating system delivers unparalleled lamination quality and keeps it well ahead of other laminators. It is simply a marvelous rendition of quality Korean engineering. Model - AS-LM2-P36F6 Lami width - 335 mm (A3) Lami. Thickness - Up to 350 microns Lami. Speed - 1300 mm / min Warm-up time - Approx. 5 min. Number of Rollers - 6 Rollers Power Rating - 220-240V, 50/60Hz. Power Consumption - 1100Watts Special Features : - Memory Function/Reverse function/stand-by mode/motor off mode/Pre-set Function/ Incorporating user-friendly functions.

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