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Alphabet Carpet

Product code : MAT092

Brand : Eduplan

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Price : AED1,200.00 AED 1,180.00

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Alphabet Carpet Thick & Soft Tuf-Pile™ 3x2m


Extra-plush, super-soft, nylon carpet
Assists flexible thinking of finding multiple paths to a solution
Builds upper-case and lower-case letter recognition
Nurtures the use of precise language in explaining reasoning
Encourages visualization/structuring skills to promote conceptual knowledge
Develops recognition of patterns to make generalizations in spelling

Kids will be genius in no time with the Lakeshore alphabet activity carpet. This carpet is the best and easiest way to teach your child early learning skills. It encourages visualization/structuring skills to promote conceptual knowledge. Parents and playful kids will love this extra thick, plush rug and your play areas will never look better. Crafted from durable material, this carpet is perfect for long use.